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    About Us

    The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is dedicated to the advancement of science education, outreach and research focusing on natural history and paleontology. We work to provide outstanding geologic and paleontological experiences that are engaging and enjoyable for visitors of all ages. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is a world-class facility with more than 58 mounted dinosaurs both real and replica along with hundreds of displays and dioramas. The dig-sites have some of the richest fossil bearing strata in the western United States, which provides an opportunity to educate residents and visitors about the abundance and impact of the natural resources in Wyoming. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center was opened in 1995, after a large exposure of dinosaur fossils were discovered in the hills outside of Thermopolis. Rather than send the fossils elsewhere in the world, the decision was made to open a museum only a few minutes away from the sites where the bones could be prepared and displayed.


    • Over 14,000 bones have been recovered from the Thermopolis fossil sites.
    • Supersaurus is the largest dinosaur found in Wyoming.
    • The Thermopolis Specimen of Archaeopteryx, is the only real fossil of this dinosaur in North America.
    • The only real skeleton of Triceratops-Wyoming's State Dinosaur-on display in the state.