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    Where our community combines western hospitality

    with outdoor adventure.



  • Hot Springs State Park: Wyoming's oldest State Park located on the north edge of Thermopolis filled with hot mineral pools, mineral fountains and picnic shelters.  A state maintained buffalo herd roams the hills on the upper northeast range-land of the State Park.  Stop in and enjoy the Riverbend Bark Park.

  • Mineral Springs: The world's largest mineral Hot Spring is evidence of once great subterranean forces.      Today, their even flow is metered primarily for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

    Rainbow Terraces & Swinging Bridge: Long time deposits from the mineral-laden water have created a rainbow underfoot.   The boardwalk along the riverfront takes you over centuries of sediment, splendidly brushed by algae, plankton, and mineral deposits and can be viewed from the other side of the river by crossing the swinging bridge.

    Hot Springs Mineral Swimming Pools: Located in the Hot Springs State Park, there are two (2) commercial swimming facilities, Hellie's TePee Pool & Spa and Star Plunge, that are a great place to swim, slide or just relax in the mineral water.  The State of Wyoming also operates the State Bath House, where you can only soak in the warm water for 20 minutes at no charge.

    The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is a world class dinosaur museum featuring interpretive displays, life size dinosaur mounts and a preparation lab observation area.  During the summer months, they also maintain an exciting Dig Site where you can observe or partake in the digging process.

    Wind River Canyon: Located 4 miles south of Thermopolis on Hwy 20, you will discover a beautiful canyon through which the Wind River flows.  This high-walled canyon has remarkable geological displays of the layers of dated earth.  With a watchful eye, you may also spot wildlife such as deer, big horn sheep or even elk.  The wind River canyon is also one of Wyoming's Beautiful Scenic Byways. Click Here and refer to pages 8-10 for more information about the Wind River Canyon.

    The Safari Club: Located in the Hot Springs State Park, Hot Springs Hotel is home to unique displays of wild animals from all over the world.  These displays are presented in photographs, as well as life-sized mounts.

    Hot Springs County Museum:  This is one of the best small museums in the country, filled with stories of early day history.  In the museum, visitors will find Indian artifacts, the famous Hole-In-The-Wall Bar, geological displays, and much more.

     Legend Rock Petroglyph Site is located 21 miles northwest of Thermopolis.  This archeological site boasts work of three (3) prehistoric cultural groups from 500 AD to the 19th Century.  The petroglyphic pictures displayed cover hundreds of yards of sandstone cliffs.

    Wyoming Whiskey: Located 12 miles north of Thermopolis in Kirby, the distillery is the first legal bourbon distillery in the history of Wyoming and uses only non-GMO grain grown in Wyoming and limestone filtered water from a nearby aquifer. This product is uniquely Wyoming. Free tasting available. For more information, call the Wyoming Whiskey Shop at 307-864-2116.

    Thermopolis Golf Course: Nine of the better holes in the state resides atop the hills to the north of Thermopolis.  Follow 7th Street to Airport Road, following the pavement to the top.  There you will find the Golf Course and Pro Shop. Visitors Welcome.

    Miniature Golf: 18 holes of fun next to Dairyland. Located at 510 Park Street.  Open for the Summer Season.

    Rent Adventures:  Offering a wide variety of ways to enjoy the water.  Drift boats, paddleboards, kayaks, tubes, and more.  Explore Boysen Lake at Boysen State Park or take a trip down the Big Horn River.  Rent Adventures has the gear needed for your adventure in Thermopolis.

    Hunting & Fishing:  Big game and bird hunting abound in the Thermopolis area. Guides are available to help your hunting & fishing trips be a success!!