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    About Us

    The Hot springs County Conservation District is here to assist with all you conservation needs.
    Normally from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday - Friday.
    There are days that staff is out of the office working on projects.

    Goals and Objectives; Specific objectives for meeting these goals are described in this plan of work. We, the Supervisors of the Hot Springs Conservation District, duly authorized by the Wyoming Conservation District Law, do hereby adopt the Long Range Plan for the years 2016-2020 as the guide for work priorities in this Conservation District.

    Summary of Goals:
    1) Maintain a dialog with the public
    2) Locally led conservation
    3) Education
    4) Water quality and water conservation
    5) Septic Systems
    6) The use of trees and shrubs to conserve soil and water
    7) Range quality and soil conservation
    8) Wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation
    9) Watershed Planning
    10) Oversee two Watershed Improvement Districts
    11) Permanent Funding