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  • 5 Local Marketing and Outreach Tips for Small Businesses

    Many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat, and it’s more important than ever for small businesses to connect with their local customer base. Here are a few strategies that small business owners can implement to better reach their audiences, from using the right tools for marketing campaigns to hosting community events.


    Hire Professionals for Campaign Support


    If you want to launch a brand new marketing campaign, you may not have the bandwidth to create all of the materials in-house. Instead, you may want to work with an agency, freelance graphic designer, or content marketing specialist for support. Hiring a digital marketing company can help improve your online visibility, increase brand awareness, and drive more traffic to your website using various digital marketing strategies.


    If you’re sharing notes with a graphic designer or web designer, you can add comments to marketing materials with a PDF editor. After adding notes or highlights, save your new PDF and send it over to your marketing expert. This site could be helpful in finding a PDF editor as well as a suite of other tools, such as a PDF exporter, compressor, and converter.


    Start a Customer Loyalty Program


    By rewarding your loyal customers, you can show them just how much you appreciate their ongoing support. To launch a customer loyalty program at your business, Accion Opportunity Fund recommends offering freebies to repeat customers, giving out coupons after purchases, offering gifts for referrals, sending out email promotions, and even starting a premium membership status down the road.


    Give Special Discounts


    You can give back to your community and draw in new customers by offering special discounts to people working in certain occupations, such as first responders, teachers, and healthcare workers. You could also start a military discount program. GiftLogic states that offering discounts for the military as well as people working in other essential occupations can help you cultivate stronger customer loyalty and enhance your reputation.


    Partner with Local Charities


    Small businesses that enter into partnerships with charities can give back to their communities in a way that makes a lasting impact. If you’re interested in partnering up with a local charity, look for an organization that supports a cause that already matters to your customers. For example, if you run a retail store selling eco-friendly products, you may want to partner with a nonprofit that focuses on environmental issues. You can donate a certain percentage of your proceeds to the organization you partner with or sell specific products and give all of the profits to charity.


    Host Events


    Most people still haven’t forgotten about the pandemic lockdowns and are craving opportunities to be social in any way they can be! This is the perfect time to host events for your customers. Bring in guest speakers to teach workshops on topics of interest to your audience, host fun creative workshops, or simply throw a holiday celebration, depending on the time of year. You can use social media to run polls and gauge the level of interest in different types of events. Even if you run your business online, you could rent another space to host events for your community.


    By investing in local marketing campaigns with helpful tools, you can highlight your new offerings. When you establish loyalty programs, special discounts, and charity partnerships, your customers will have a multitude of ways to support you. Integrate your business into your community in a variety of ways, and your bottom line will feel the positive effects!

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